Hill Audio – An original Pro Audio manufacturer

Hill Audio has the standing of being one of the first British professional audio brands to gain an enviable global reputation for the use of its products in high end live music applications as well as every day commercial environments, over a period of more than 30 years. The company was founded in the early 1980’s and the Hill Audio name quickly became synonymous with prestige events and top-class installations. Notably our highly acclaimed power amplifiers, mixing consoles and outboard equipment were put to good use across the world during the heyday of live music with its emerging need for reliable quality audio equipment. Many of these ground-breaking installations continue to use some of the first Hill products to this day, and there will be few veteran audio professionals who do not have a story to tell about their use of Hill Audio products over the last three decades.

In 1986, the large format recording console Remix 24 was released. With its superior preamplifier circuitry, innovative and “musical” EQ section, it brought multi-track recording to a wider customer base. Hill Audio then took its advanced audio concepts, innovative spirit and price/quality ratio back to the live/PA sector with large format boards such as the Soundmix, Datum and J series. Smaller format boards gave Hill audio the accolade of being the first manufacturer to invent and produce 19 inch rackmount mixers, as seen in Multimix, Rackmix and Stagemix boards in the 1980’s. During the 80’s and 90’s some of the Hill products began to be used by the emerging DJ phenomenon and became well known in clubs and venues around the world. Undoubtedly however, the products that gave Hill Audio the widest global reputation for excellence and reliability, were the Hill Audio power amplifiers. The most notable of those early amps being the DX and LC series that sold in their 10’s of thousands. In these early days, the DX and LC series were amongst the most powerful amplifiers available and would be the powerhouse for many sound systems which were regarded as a reference at their time.

The rich history and name of Hill Audio speaks for itself and although the world is populated with many brand names that have emerged since the 1980’s, Hill Audio continues to prove its worth in producing quality and innovative audio products for the discerning professional, thus extending its fame and reputation into the 21st century. Today our design team in the UK produces designs that are affordable, reliable and flexible to suit a large variety of professional applications, with a strong focus on multi-purpose applications and commercial venues. Like many manufacturers in this day and age, we keep our price/quality balance competitive by using latest design principles and techniques, as well as using state-of-the-art offshore manufacturing, solely carried out in our own facilities to give us full leverage about product quality.

Hill Audio has the legacy of a glorious past and the innovation for a successful future – values by which other pro audio brands are measured!