B Series Console (1978)
DX1000A Amplifier (1984)
MultiMix Console (1984)
DX800 Amplifier (1986)
Concept Console (1988)
LC800 Amplifier (1989)
Datum Console (1991)

40 years of sound experience

Hill Audio was established in England during the mid 1970’s, and was one of the first British brands that gained international acclaim in the professional audio industry. We are being credited with the invention of the rack-mounted PA mixer in the shape of the Multimix series, but also with some successful live sound mixer designs such as the Soundmix, Datum or J series.

Equally successful recording mixing consoles such as the Remix 24 from 1986 and the larger Concept consoles gained an excellent reputation in the market, making the Hill Audio name quickly synonymous with prestige events, refined recordings and top-class installations.

Early on, our comprehensive range of mixing consoles was complemented with a range of reliable high-power amplifiers, starting from the first DX series units to the well-known LC series, which was sold in many thousand units.

Providing a one-stop solution, Hill Audio became of the most commonly seen names on stages and in studios around the world. Many of these units are still in daily use as of today – decades later; thus proving the quality and longevity which have always been at the center of our efforts.

3D Mechanical Design
Multi-Layer PCB Layout
SMD Board Population (Samsung Pick & Place)
Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)
Functional Testing (Jig Test)
Parametric Testing (Audio Precision S1)
Amplifier Ageing Test

A real designer and manufacturer

Having redefined our focus in 2006, when we decided to look further than just live sound, we are today offering a broad range of professional audio products for installation purposes, live performances, and recording applications.

We take specific pride in being an actual designer and manufacturer of our product, not just a brand trading products designed and made by subcontractors. This allows us to really listen to customers, implement feedback into product designs, understand what makes or breaks a product and conduct and control the manufacturing process meticulously.

Our today’s process starts with our UK product management team to conceive a product concept – mostly in an iterative process that combines their own vast experience, the commercial data from existing products and the feedback and inspiration provided daily by our valued customer base. From there, all design-work is carried out in-house, using the latest CAD and EDA tools. Moving on to production, we benefit from a fully deployed ERP system as well as from the flexibility of in-house component placement, inspection, assembly and testing. Using a 3-step inspection scheme that combines functional and parametric testing, applied to each and every unit we produce, we have confidence in what we deliver.

With all design data and parts’ supply under our own control, we strive to deliver a qualified after sales service and attain total customer satisfaction.


Driven by value

While we analyze our customer’s applications and demands thoroughly, apply the most suitable technologies to cater for it, deploy the latest engineering techniques and pay greatest effort to optimize our supply chain – it’s all driven by just one goal: to provide a product and service with outstanding value.

Hill Audio News

  • PL&S 2018 Frankfurt

    The Hill audio range will be presented at booth 3.1G97. See the show from 10th-13th April at the Frankfurt Messe exhibition center.
    PL&S 2018 Frankfurt
  • Join Us

    We still look for qualified, stocking distributors on an exclusive basis for some territories. Explore this unique opportunity and contact us at sales [at] adelto [dot] com
    Join Us
  • New transformer option for ADAGIO

    The ADAGIO line of wall speakers is now available with optional transformers for the 4” and 6” form factors.
    New transformer option for ADAGIO
  • PL&S 2018 Guangzhou

    The Hill audio range will be presented at booth 3.2A25. See the show from 10th-13th May at the Pazhou exhibition complex.
    PL&S 2018 Guangzhou
  • Hill goes 100V

    Hill’s Audio enters 100V amplification with 2 brand new models featuring the newly developed Hybervolt™ technology, due for early summer delivery: VMA1120 and VMA1240.
    Hill goes 100V

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